Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December {Delights} Vol. 2 - the Unique Gift Edition

Here we go with another installation of my favorite seasonal shares! :)

Ok, ok, so this is one I should have shared well before we hit the ten-days-until-Christmas mark! But I just can't get over how beautiful this jewelry is. I ordered a custom necklace for a special someone on my Christmas list, and it is so stunning and super well crafted. It turned out even better than I would have imagined, and the seller is so lovely to work with. She's currently closed her shop until after the New Year, so it's too late for this Christmas (sorry!), but definitely check back for Valentine's Day, and to find special ideas for all your year-round gifting needs.
Another one of my favorite products that I chose to gift this Christmas. These are definitely the highest quality candles I've found. They have - in my opinion - the perfect amount of really lovely fragrance, and all of their candles - from the small travel tins to the larger glass pieces - are really attractive to have around your house. Whether you choose one of their holiday scents, like Gingerbread House (ginger and pear) or Amarylis, or you choose a more classic fragrance like Limoncello (my fave!) or Gardenia, you really can't go wrong!

Felt Play Food
Ask pretty much anyone who's ever met me and they will tell you that, even childless and at the age of 26, I'm obsessed with play food. And I'm so excited about the influx of handmade felt play food I've been seeing. There are some really adorable pieces out there - and they're very safe for little ones! I've even found some patterns you can purchase to make your own "meals." Also, if you want to give some felt play food to your favorite wee one, check out Family Fun's recent tutorial on making a play kitchen out of cardboard boxes! So fun! :)

Here's another can't-miss option. The Container Store has an amazing selection of fun, useful, and just downright quirky little items to bring a smile to anyone on your list. A 3D drawing set for your nephew, jeweled ear buds for your teen's bff, an apple shaped notepad for your child's teacher, vintage record CD labels for your hubby, a fancy-schmancy crossword book for your mom, a cute silicone sleeve for your girlfriend's morning coffee, and hanging work light for your dad. Done! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Claus around the world

This is just too cute - the info and the graphic! - I couldn't possibly not share :)

Santas around the World

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December {Delights}

'Tis the season for gift giving, treats, traditions, and small luxuries. So I've decided to put together a couple posts throughout the month with some things I've found recently that I love. Gift ideas, recipes, project ideas... anything seasonal that I stumble upon and want to share! :) So, without any further ado (aka babbling from me) - here are my first picks!

I found this recipe on the poppytalk blog back in September. My dad loves all things Scandinavian - Swedish especially - so I immediately emailed them the recipe, and then promptly forgot about it. And then my mom brought it over for our pizza-and-tree-trimming party last night. She said it was so easy to make, and very different from other cake recipes, that she actually questioned whether there was a mistake in the recipe. And it is so delicious! The perfect combination of lemon, almond, and vanilla. I have a feeling this will definitely become a go-to recipe.

 For a few years, I didn't even have a winter coat, I just wore my LL Bean fleece. Last year, though, I started to feel super cold in October, and I knew the fleece just wasn't going to cut it for the rest of the winter. On a whim, walking by Eddie Bauer at the mall, I decided to look at their down jackets. Hands down, the adorable bright red one I walked out with just a few minutes later was the best money I've ever spent. I just purchased this vest as a treat for myself, and - surprise, surprise! - I am absolutely in love. It has the best fleece lining in the color and pockets - it feels like a really expensive stuffed animal! :)

I just discovered the amazing online boutique of this garden and home store in Pennsylvania. All I can say is, too bad I had all my shopping finished before I found it. They have the most beautiful selection of home decor, accessories, and stunning gift items for your favorite gardener. My faves? Vintage icicle ornaments, a brightly colored scarf on a spool, a hot cocoa treat set, a vintage fruit crate. Love.

This is a small, Quincy, MA-based company run by a brother-sister team that got its start peddling t-shirts on college campuses around the Boston area. I went to Boston University, and then lived in Quincy for a year while working in Cambridge, so I'm all about supporting my neighbors. And this company has such a cool concept: They make super fun tees that say love in various languages. A friend of mine (who also lives in Quincy!) made me aware of the company when she was raving about how much she loved the tee she got from them. I can't wait to get one for myself! :) But I'm sharing their site because I think these T-shirts would be fantastic gifts for husbands/boyfriends, teenage kids, best girlfriends - almost anybody on your list!

OK, that's it for my first round of December picks. I'll try to do at least a post a week for the rest of the month. Hope you enjoyed this assortment of recent fun finds! Let me know if you've come across anything you think is share-worthy!