Monday, May 7, 2012

Encouragement, BFF Style

So, I promise, I really did make this card yesterday. Last night, to be exact. And the lighting in my house is no good and there's just so much white that no matter what I did I couldn't get a decent picture of it. Hence why I'm posting it today.

The image and sentiment are from the A Muse Studio stamp set called Days Like This. I actually bought the set for this sentiment. I thought it was hilarious. But then before I got around to making a card with it, I thought maybe it was a little mean. Not very encouraging. But then I got to thinking about my dear friend Rebecca and how she's never hesitated to tell me all the things that are hard to hear. So, in my opinion, this is that kind of card, and I think it is really, in fact, very encouraging - for the right person, of course. Sometimes, what a good friend needs to hear is "Look, what you gotta do is suck it up and deal with it. And I'll be here to help you do that."

Day 7 will be up soon!

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