Sunday, February 13, 2011

new love meets first love

This fall I decided I wanted to try candle making. In December I ordered a bunch of supplies, but I just started getting into it recently. And when I say I'm into it... well, I'm kind of obsessed! :) It is SO much fun! I feel like a mad scientist melting, and mixing, and pouring away in my kitchen. I can't get enough! To save money, and keep things simple, I've been using tins to make 100% soy candles - glass jars are too expensive, and molds are just too fussy. But of course, plain tins are just that... plain. So, enter my first love: papercrafting. To make them look a little more "boutique," I'm using patterned papers and hand stamping to decorate my candles. This is one I made yesterday for my friend's birthday - and it's pink frosted cupcake scented! :) YUMMY!

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