Thursday, February 24, 2011

with a heavy {heart}

I'm posting today to share a project every card maker dreads: a sympathy card with an intended recipient. On Monday, a wonderful family and a close-knit community lost a loved one. John Stewart was my 8th grade "Central Subject" teacher at Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School (CS is basically social studies - history, geography, politics, a little language arts, etc.) He died suddenly of a heart attack on Monday morning. He was truly an amazing teacher, and a wonderful person - one of those people who helps shape who each of his students will become. Middle school is a tough time, and middle schoolers can be tough kids to work with. The thing that was so incredible about Mr. Stewart was his ability to relate to and connect with his students on their level, and on his. He held everyone to a high standard of academics, critical thinking, and living life. He approached every interaction with respect, valued our 14-year-old opinions (and taught us to back them up!), and helped us to always respect each other. And he had a superior funny bone.

So I hope you won't think me tasteless for sharing the card I made for the Stewart family. I know how much we all struggle with these cards, and it's cardmaker solidarity that made me want to share.

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. I appreciate you sharing a sympathy card. I have a hard time with them too. We all want to make happy fun cards, but reality sets in and we need to know how to make this kind too., Thanks again