Sunday, August 5, 2012

Start-to-Finish Sunday #4 - Jar of Flowers Thank You Card

Welcome to another Start-to-Finish Sunday project! Did you have a good weekend? I did, but we had those lovely 4 H's all over the weather forecast... Hazy, Hot, and Humid! Yuck! Yesterday was, in my opinion at least, the worst day we've had all summer. Today was much better - but I still spent most of the day in my office with the A/C on! :) Sadly, though, I was cleaning, not creating.

But, of course, I did have to get at least one card made today! So here it is. I needed a thank you card for my father's 96 year old customer who gave us a bunch of pickling cukes from her garden. She picked them herself and hand wrote her recipe to share with us - her handwriting is impeccable! And all this was after she'd already made her own 4-5 batches of pickles! If that doesn't deserve an old fashioned thank you note, then I don't know what does! :)

So go ahead and check out the video below, or over at my YouTube channel. Have a great week! :)

Happy Stampin'!

Supply list coming soon! (It's too close to my bed time to put it together tonight!)

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