Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a scoring board tip

This is pretty much the most obvious thing ever. But I was so proud of myself when I figured it out! So I thought that if I could share my lightbulb with just one other person out there it would be worth it!

So we all know scoring boards are awesome, right? Personally I have the Martha Stewart Crafts brand scoring board and I love it. But if you're using your scoring board for projects other than just scoring a standard A2 card, it can get a little tricky. I've done two projects recently where I had to score at 1/2 inch. It's difficult!

Where do I put my fingers? How can I hold my cardstock so that I'm sure it won't slip?

I've heard some people suggest turning the scoring board sideways.

But I've found that my bone folder slips out of its groove more often when I try to score sideways rather than pulling the bone folder straight down. And we don't want that!

So I've discovered a super simple solution! Flip your paper around 180 degrees so it's upside down. Then subtract a 1/2 inch (or whatever your measurement is... I have a hard time with anything under 1 or 1.5) and score at that mark!

Voila! Easy!


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