Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn Splendor

This afternoon I broke out the newest Gina K. Designs/StampTV kit, Autumn Splendor. It's super fun: a stamp set that's twice the size of what usually retails for around $25, tons of colors of coordinating cardstocks in different weights and a couple textures, a few feet of each of a bunch of ribbons that coordinate with everything, and a whole mess of brads and eyelets! I don't really know what to do with eyelets, but the colors on these puppies are so awesome, so I've gotta figure something out. My only warning: total enabler alert with this kit! There are only 2 sheets of most of the cardstock colors - so if you're doing stamping/layering cards a la Gina K. or Stampin' Up, you pretty much get 2 cards out of 2 sheets - And I already want more, More, MORE!! :)

OK, so I've been dying to do this embossed "painting with bleach" technique ever since I watched the video. But the waterbrush that I bought on ebay 2 weeks ago still hasn't come. So I decided to use the "bleach as a stamp pad" technique.

This technique is soooooo addictive! It's so much fun to not really know what color the cardstock is going to bleach to, and then to watch it slowly lighten and change after you've stamped.

This card is pretty much CASEd from Gina K.'s bleached leaves card (linked above) - measurements and all! :) Except I chose another sentiment and only used 2 colors of cardstock. Oh, and I actually looked up the author of the quote this time! ;) Wilbur D. Nesbit was an American journalist and poet. He was also a Mason and seems to have been pretty into that, judging from this poem.

Here's another piece of background paper I made with the brown cardstock.

This card was done using emboss resist with clear embossing powder on yellow cardstock. I love the sentiment and the fonts!

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