Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clean & Simple Cardmaking Day 10 + More A Muse Studio Peeks

Day 10 of the Clean and Simple Cardmaking class was all about card sets. Clean and Simple lends itself to card sets for obvious reasons... Since they're not technique-heavy and usually don't have much in the way of fancy embellishments, they're quick and easy to create multiples of. And it just so happens that one of the brand new A Muse Studio stamp sets was practically made for a CAS notecard set! :)

I love this stamp set! There's also a 2-step Union Jack stamp that I think will be super fun to do some Andy Warhol style effects with :) I also wanted to feature some of the new colors in this card set... Grape, Grapefruit, Pistachio, and Lido, Bellini, and Burano from the Venetian Collection. The Venetian Collection colors are a little more neon-looking in real life than they look online, but they're still super fun, bright colors.

One of the tips from the class was to try a smaller size card - like a 4-bar, which is 3.5x5 inches. I decided to try that for these cards, since a lot of the everyday stationery notecards you can purchase are about that size. It's perfect to jot off a quick note. And then there's another tip from the class that I didn't follow... How important it is to make sure that your technique and construction are as perfect as possible because it's so much more obvious on a CAS card. If you look closely, you can see that I should have used an anti-static treatment before I white embossed the stamp! Oh well! :)

One more quick announcement before I let you go: The A Muse Studio National Convention was this weekend and the gals that went were the first to get the new catalog as well as more new products. Check out my facebook page for some of the photos they've been posting from Convention!

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  1. they look fine to me!
    how did you do the great framing?

  2. Beautiful set of notecards!! Yes, please share how you did the frame around the stamp?