Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspiration is a funny thing...

This card might not exist if I had a dryer.

Now hold on, let me fill you in. You know those small, thinly woven gloves you can get at the dollar store? My husband and I have a few pairs of those that we wear when we hang laundry on the clothesline in the winter. My mom gave us a couple new pairs for Christmas, and I pulled one of them out for the first time yesterday. As I was hanging the wash, I started looking at my hands and thinking about the colors on the gloves. It wasn't a color combination I'd ever have chosen on my own, but I decided I really liked it. So I finished hanging the laundry, came inside, and made a card. :)

I used a bunch of new A Muse Studio products on this card that will be available to order on February 1st. Two new colors: Grapefruit and Seattle. New stamp set: Big Celebrations. Trust me, friends, there's some seriously awesome stuff coming!

Oh, and I used a tutorial from Jennifer McGuire to make the chevron pattern. Good stuff.

Hope you had a great weekend! Who's excited for Downton Abbey tonight? :-D

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