Monday, November 25, 2013

Fall Mantel Projects Post #4: Barnwood Frame

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One of the keys to creating beautiful mantel displays is varying the heights of the objects you're arranging. As I was pulling my items together, I realized I needed something else that was tall. So I created this super simple project.

I got this barnwood frame from etsy - it was super cheap because it was just the frame (no glass or backing). Then I created a simple little banner from die cut leaves, burlap, buttons, and linen thread. So easy! 

I crumpled up the leaves before tying them onto the linen thread. This gives them great texture. I created the little burlap nabbers by wrapping the burlap ribbon around the twine and securing it with Sticky Strip. Seriously, this project couldn't be easier and it took me less than a half an hour! And it's super customizable for any season or occasion.

Here it is on my mantel. Check out the variation in height that it creates - Doesn't it look great? :)

Happy Stampin'! :)

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