Tuesday, May 25, 2010

on being brave

This is not something I would normally share with a cyberspace full of strangers, but I've been trying a lot of new things lately so I figured why not.

Not long ago, I mentioned that I was trying Weight Watchers again after giving it a shot for about a month last summer. I'm not doing it perfectly, I'm not obsessing (although it's hard for it not to occupy a lot of your thoughts), and I'm not beating myself up for "falling off the wagon" every once in a while... all I can say is thank goodness for those bonus 35 points each week! :)

Also, I think I've mentioned that I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I've been having a good time with my little page-a-month 6x6 album. So I thought, by way of a little extra motivation, I'd start a second monthly scrapbook chronicling my attempts at losing weight. I'm making a huge assumption that the photos and numbers will show changes from month to month (or at least every few months!), but even if I fail,  hopefully I'll have had fun making the layouts!

So here it is: Page Number One...

I hate the sideways shot. I really tried hard not to "suck it in" - I never look that fat, even though I am that fat! (Although I have to say that it's not all for vanity's sake... Because of my close to two decades of dance training, I actually have to focus conscious effort on not engaging my core muscles!)

My scrapbooks in the past have pretty much been photo albums built on pretty paper with a few stickers or other embellishments thrown in. But I've been seeing so many scrapbook layouts online that are so impressive. I wanted to try something I've seen a lot of  - I call it "scattered bits of stuff" - and I'm not sure how well I executed it here, but it was fun to give it a shot. I think I may have let things get a little too busy for the size of the page, but I used a lot of elements that I really love. And I adore the look of layered labels - Can't wait to play with that look more!


  1. I don't think the page looks busy at all, in fact it is just about right.

    I wish you the best with loosing weight and reaching your goal!!