Friday, June 4, 2010

a card a day?

I saw some cards posted in the 2Peas gallery today that were for a "Card-a-Day Challenge." This got me thinking... I know there's a book A Card A Day , but as I'm still new to the whole community aspect of papercrafting, I come across a lot on message boards, galleries, and blogs that I don't understand. Is there a blog out there that has a daily card challenge? That would be fun! Or was it a short-term challenge on a site or blog? I shall have to do some more googling, but I'm definitely thinking it could even be fun to just challenge myself to make one card per day, no matter whether I feel like it or not. That would be a challenge in several respects, but mostly because I usually only craft a few times a week and I often make 2 or 3 cards in one sitting. Hmm... I wonder what the rules of this card-a-day might be...

OK, I'll come back to that sometime after I've done more research and more thinking. Here are the two cards I made this afternoon...

This card has been in my head for ages and I finally got it made! I actually want to try a second one too, with different papers, but I'm not sure I have enough a's to spell out aloha again! My first project with Cosmo Cricket's DeLovely collection, which I LOVE, but am finding difficult to use.

This one is another card using Pink Paislee's Starlight collection. It is approximately lifted from

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