Wednesday, June 9, 2010

did I just waste all these amazing PTI buttons?


Hint: I'm hoping the answer will be a resounding no :-/

I was hoping to have a productive evening since DH is out with the boys tonight. I tried making this sketch from Paper Crafts Magazine ...
... with Sweet Summertime (still obsessed!) but since I'm still saving my pennies for a Tiny Attacher, I tried using a regular stapler and it wouldn't go through the layers of paper. And it's that stupid Staples brand "One Touch" stapler that claims it can handle up to 25 sheets! So that was ruined and I didn't feel like cutting a more strips. The base of the card with the coral layer didn't get ruined, so then I was going to make a button heart, inspired by this amazing card. But making a heart out of buttons is no small feat! So I scrapped that, and used the same base to make this. I can't decide if I like it or not. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive... I have to fast after 9pm for bloodwork so I'll need to keep myself busy! :)

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  1. Hi Anna!!
    Let's see if this helps... :)
    Put your die down, so the cut edges are facing up.
    The pattern that you want to show should go face down into the die.
    Make sense?
    Email me when you get the chance, ok? :)