Sunday, July 4, 2010

greetings from the sand bar

I recently grabbed a few of the items from Little Yellow Bicycle's new Boardwalk collection. Their canvas borders were in an add-on to this month's Studio Calico kit... I really wanted to grab the add-on, but I just couldn't afford it :( I found them on ebay - the prices of craft materials are usually not any cheaper than retail, but you can save on shipping - and while I was there I got a couple patterned papers and some stickers too. I thought I'd make some beach-y cards to sell at OWFS... What better souvenir from someone's trip to Cape Cod than a beach themed card handmade in town by a native, right? :)

I also used an awesome product - I think it's fairly new to the market - called Mudd Puddles. It's this pre-mixed sand "paste" made just for paper crafts projects and it doesn't rub off or flake or anything! It was definitely a new experience and takes some finesse to apply, especially in the small amount that I wanted. But it's a really fun product and you should definitely check it out!

The Boardwalk "Favorite Pieces" includes the most adorable beach umbrella, but it's way too big for a standard A2 card. So for the umbrella on this card, I actually cut around the sticker and used the Xerox function on my printer to reduce it to 60%. Then I used that image as a template to cut the pieces out of patterned paper. You can see the Mudd Puddles sand around the base of the umbrella stand.

The paper with the flip-flops was also in a Studio Calico add-on this month. I totally stole the idea of embellishing the paper with rhinestones and embroidery floss from DT member Waleska Neris. She's so clever - I love it!

P.S. How do you like my snazzy photography? :) We live like 100 yards from the shore and don't go down there nearly often enough! It's not exactly the beach, but I thought it might be a neat backdrop for my photos. The quality's not great though - it was 7pm-ish when I finished the second card! :)

Happy Fourth of July!

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