Thursday, July 15, 2010

more {Maine} days 2-3-4

I tried posting this earlier in the afternoon... tried using Picasa for the first time thinking it'd be a quicker way to post a bunch of photos to Blogger. But I couldn't really figure it out. So now it's almost 9pm. We just finished dinner (hotdogs, sauerkraut, baked beans, corn) and I'm sitting with my legs dangling over the side of the front porch of our cottage. It's wicked quiet out here.

We haven't been up to too much the last couple days, but I've got some snapshots to share nonetheless.

baloney lunch on the wharf

hazy lunchtime view of the cove

late night (that's anytime after 8pm here!) ice cream cone at the Island Candy Co.

the Little Dog Cafe on Maine Street in Brunswick
They have the best mochas ever there; sadly, it was too hot today so I got an iced tea lemonade.
Isn't their logo cute? I got a t-shirt from them years ago that I just wore into the ground. Waiting for them to start carrying long sleeves again - We might have to make a trip up in the winter! :)

Pretty much the best, and definitely the biggest fish sandwiches ever at Holbrook's in Cundy's Harbor.

The view from Cundy's Harbor.


Probably wondering why I'm taking a picture of him eating.

Not afraid to get my hands dirty... ;)

Hope you're having fun too, whatever you're up to this week!

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