Wednesday, July 28, 2010

introducing my newest obsession

... the origami paper wreath!

I'm still in love with the Memory Keeper photo envelopes that I showed you earlier this week, but this afternoon I ran out of tape runner. The nearest craft store is 30 miles away and I literally have $3 until Friday! Soo... sadly, there will not be much paper crafting for me in the next 2 days :(

I recently found a tutorial for an origami paper wreath. Like the Memory Keeper, it's so super simple and the results are so striking that you'd never guess how little effort it takes. I've made a bunch of them just since last night... It's so fun picking out combinations of patterned papers and they're really super cute whether you embellish them or not. Here's a large wreath that I made with Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl line, and I embellished it a lot :)

OK, so the letters are a little bit wonky and it kinda bugs me. But, as I keep telling myself (especially when the layers on my Memory Boxes aren't perfectly centered!), I'm really hard on myself and I need to remember that I am a human being making these items by hand without any help from machines. Other people don't even notice what drives me crazy and I need to always be proud of what I create.

I'll be back later with a tutorial and some tips I'm discovering as I make these wreaths. Hopefully I'll also have taken some pics of the other wreaths I've made!

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