Monday, July 12, 2010

{Maine} day 1

So here we sit on Orr's Island, just south of Brunswick, Maine. Thanks to hubby's uncle Brad for installing the wireless internet... the signal doesn't reach into the house, but it's better than nothing! We really can't afford to do much of anything exciting while we're on vacation... It's just nice to not have to work, to be able to sleep in, and to enjoy these glorious surroundings, even if I am still on my computer just like I am all the time at home! :)

I'm currently sitting in my sweatshirt, sipping a very welcome cup of tea. After getting up very late and getting an even later start, we drove all around Brunswick today, checking things out and getting some errands (grocery shopping, etc.) done. And let me tell you, even though it's generally cooler overall here than it is on Cape Cod, we were glad for the air conditioned car today. But by the time we got back "home" around 4pm the fog was rolling in, and fast! We're no more than a couple hundred yards from Lowell's Cove, but you can't even see the water from where I'm sitting anymore! Breezy, damp, and chilly!

So let me start my story with last night...

We got a much later start than we had hoped, hitting the highway no earlier than 5:30. This is my 5th summer coming up here with my hubby, and I don't think there's been one trip where we haven't gotten lost or took an unexpected detour. So last night, we'd made it through Boston and were driving along on I-95. DH said he was starting to get uncomfortable driving along... maybe he thought he'd gone too far or something, who knows! So he took a random exit. We ended up driving through Wenham, Hamilton, and Ipswich, before realizing we had to get back on I-95. (On a side note, I could easily see myself moving to Hamilton, MA!) On our way back to I-95, we were stopped at a light and I noticed an old-style diner on the left. I joked that we should stop, and before the light turned green we decided we would. (...which is weird because we never randomly stop at places like that.) It's called the Agawam Diner and it was so much fun - and the food was perfect diner fare too. I got chicken pie with mashed potatoes, and the whole thing was absolutely covered in chicken gravy! :)

Here's Tyler, my hubby, contemplating his meatballs

And of course pie! Yummy strawberry rhubarb!

It turns out the original Agawam Diner dining car was moved in the late 1940s to Cook's Corner in Brunswick, which is just up the road a ways from where we are now! Unfortunately, the family that bought and moved that dining car didn't do very well, and it didn't stay for more than a few years. But we thought it was SO cool that we happened to stumble upon this diner. :)

Today while we were driving around Brunswick, we came across a bunch of sheep, which I wanted to visit. DH didn't want to pull over, but around the corner there was a driveway with a small parking lot so we pulled in to check it out. It's partially a privately-owned farm, but part of the land is part of the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, and there are a few trails that run through it. We walked one of them, but it's not terribly well maintained, so when it got a little swampy we decided to turn around. But it was a really neat discovery - They have a farmer's market there on Saturdays and we're hoping to check it out on our way home.

Time to go get supper started. Thanks for stopping by!

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